The STEAL of the century!

I just found these and HAD to share. Someone needs this, I know it...

I give you the most gorgeous and cheapest shoulder wraps on the web!
Both of these are by and are only $55 and $38 a piece!
The girl says she created them to cover bride shoulders or the little bit of fat around the underarm most of us has. I think they look so high fashion and rich but are surprising inexpensive. I wish I needed a fancy wrap so bad now but I need something more practical (my pashmina). *Sigh* I know someone will benefit from this.



I know there are others who have used paperiaarre for their guestbooks but I wanted to share mine since it's on it's way to me. I am having a photobooth and wanted a book to fit the photo strips and I wanted it to have dark pages so the photos really popped. I love colour she chose and was wonderful to work with. It's coptic bound, about 90 pages.

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Jared purchased Dennis Anderson's Fluffy Whip soap for me awhile back and I just had to share some love for it. If you are looking for something else to add to you bridesmaid gifts look no further! I have the cotton candy and it smells delicious but they are have bunch more lovely scents. The texture is so soft and fluffy and it leaves feeling clean and smelling great! TOTALLY recommend this stuff for your ladies or moms. They also have beer scented bar soap. Might be a great groomsmen gift.

Also from

These would be GREAT for an out of town bag or favor. And for $1 a piece! Seriously killer deal for handmade soap in a custom wrapper! They are a HUGE list of scents.

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Name: Asia
Location: Orlando
I am (A Bride, Groom, Etsy Enthusiast, etc.): Etsy Obsessed Bride
Favorite Etsy Sellers:
KissCurl, Myrakim

If getting married...
Wedding Date: 10/31/10
Wedding Location: No idea. The place that was the best deal turned out to be run by the biggest idiots ever.
Wedding Colors: HalloWedding
Wedding Style/Theme: Spooky Halloween Wedding! :D
Etsy Wedding Purchases I've Made: (Please post pictures under a cut)
Nothing yet, but I'm hoping to have a facinator or bird cage veil done by Myrakim. Hers are so elegant and pretty! :D
Casino Royale, 007, Bond

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Name: Tiffany
Location: Malfunction Junction, Alabama
I am: A Bride & Etsy Lover
Favorite Etsy Sellers: huesofnature, Thyme2dream

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Wedding Date: July 26th, 2008
Wedding Location: Tannehill State Park, McCalla, Alabama
Wedding Colors:
Wedding Colors

Wedding Style/Theme: Not really sure where I fit.
Etsy Wedding Purchases I've Made:
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Name: Elicia
Location: San Antonio, TX
I am (A Bride, Groom, Etsy Enthusiast, etc.): Bride
Favorite Etsy Sellers: lillyella, neile.

If getting married...
Wedding Date: 06/07/08
Wedding Location: The Officer's Club at Randolph Air Force Base
Wedding Colors:
Wedding Palette
Wedding Style/Theme: Eco Forest Fairytale
Etsy Wedding Purchases I've Made: You can see my custom wedding jewelry by lillyella here.