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My etsy wedding jewelry.

Hi everyone! These were posted over at weddingplans too.

My mom bought me my jewelry as an early shower gift. I am so impressed and excited about the amazing quality of both the earrings and bracelet, I can't say enough about these two sellers.

The earrings are the Victorian Inspired Filigree Cluster Earrings by Jinyana on etsy. The cluster is swarovski crystals and a variety of pearls. The materials and craftsmanship are some of the highest quality I have seen in etsy jewelry. They are so carefully designed and put together. They are heavier than most earrings I wear but not as heavy as they appear. I love how they are dramatic but still delicate.

You may recognize the bracelet from Style Me Pretty. As soon as I saw it featured there I KNEW it was perfect. It's a one of a kind piece from Bel Canto on etsy. All over her pieces are made from vintage jewelry (yay for re purposing!) and reconstructed into wearable jewelry. I love her brooches turned hair combs. The bracelet fits me perfectly and is detailed beautifully.

I think the earrings look great with my bracelet. And the set really reflects the style and feeling of my dress and our wedding in general.

Happy planning all! 285 more days!
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