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My Invitations based upon a Porch

Vendor Review & some online pictures of my Ugly Kitty invitation set. I posted a brief post on Wedding Plans, but here are the Etsy details. Also, UglyKitty's Etsy page, or

Hi guys. My invitations are done, and are up on Renee's Flickr account! I'm very excited about them and they've turned out beautiful.

Renee is wonderful. She is very easy to work with, and always kept me in the loop. She is a little slower on the email- but usually gets back within two or three days. She accepted all of my ideas, and I went through 6 revisions on my invitation set. My invitations incorporated a design from the porch of my house. (The porch was hand carved in 1876. It has Jewish symbols and a love letter to the architects then wife carved into it). We specifically incorporated a heart and flower design seen on my porch. She was extremely receptive to my idea, and was completely willing to design wedding invitations based on a porch.

Pictures of the invitations:
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