~Spoil your lovely face before the big day!~

Youthful Complexion Soap -
Handmade by me with real therapeutic grade essential oils, natural powdered herbs, and high quality base oils! And it feels WONDERFUL on the face! I'm excited about how they turned out! Check it out at my Etsy store - I listed 4 bars to start out with: SOAPERHERO.ETSY.COM!!

Check out my other Etsy soap listings as well - Roses, Fight Club, Guinness Beer soap, Blueberries...
More soaps & lip balms coming very very soon too!

Jewelry Shops.

Hi all!
Hope planning is going well!

I recently purchased my wedding jewelry off etsy (I'll post it as soon as my earrings arrive) but I'm on the hunt for more jewelry shops on etsy to find some gifts for people in my bridal party (may or may not be for the wedding).

So post your favorite places on etsy to buy jewelry!

Wedding Night Lingerie

Hello Etsy ladies (and gents)!

I recently received some beautiful, comfortable and extra sexy! lingerie from etsy seller OnTheInside. My FH got them for me...as a surprise...but I found them. Shhh, don't tell on me!


I ordered the Johnny Jump Up nightie, Sassafras cami and Forget Me Not panties. They are all very sheer, wonderful and lovely. I'm super excited about them.

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My new blog!

Hello brides!

I'm celebrating the opening of my new blog! I'll be featuring LOTS of wedding entries (mostly probably in the next year since I'm still planning my own wedding) and other little domestic bits and pieces. Please check it out! If I get enough readers perhaps I'll be able to feature some discounts or contests. Please check it out, bookmark it, answer the poll, comment and let me know what you think!


To make this slightly more relevant, What are your favorite wedding blogs?

Lots of love,
Lindsey Lu

My Invitations based upon a Porch

Vendor Review & some online pictures of my Ugly Kitty invitation set. I posted a brief post on Wedding Plans, but here are the Etsy details. Also, UglyKitty's Etsy page, http://uglykitty.etsy.com or http://www.myuglykitty.com

Hi guys. My invitations are done, and are up on Renee's Flickr account! I'm very excited about them and they've turned out beautiful.

Renee is wonderful. She is very easy to work with, and always kept me in the loop. She is a little slower on the email- but usually gets back within two or three days. She accepted all of my ideas, and I went through 6 revisions on my invitation set. My invitations incorporated a design from the porch of my house. (The porch was hand carved in 1876. It has Jewish symbols and a love letter to the architects then wife carved into it). We specifically incorporated a heart and flower design seen on my porch. She was extremely receptive to my idea, and was completely willing to design wedding invitations based on a porch.

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Pictures of the invitations:
Lady and the Tramp

Art lovers, brides with children's tables, just wanna have fun?

I found a WONDERFUL Etsy seller who uses old crayons (bought at garage sales and such) to make new crayons... She's willing to mold the crayon into many different shaped molds (I asked about pumpkins and she bought a pumpkin mold to do my crayons). She's been wonderful! I love the prototype and will be placing my order shortly! And the price really can't be beat - sure I could get a box of crayons for a few dollars, but these are more personal and interesting. I plan on using them on the kids' table which will be covered with butcher paper.

Seller: SunriseStudio
Site: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5786998